crop nurse explaining to patient how to take medicine

Our Occupational Therapist works across a range of practice areas.  Our OT has expertise in functional assessments, report writing, therapy planning, sensory profiling, overcoming barriers to achieving your full capacity, and care co ordination.

Assessments & Reports

Our Occupational Therapist is skilled in a range of assessment tools, interviewing and observation. Our Occupational Therapist can write comprehensive assessment reports with recommendations based on your goals.

Mental Health Therapies

Our Mental Health endorsed OT has significant experience as a mental health clinician. Our OT has experience in general counselling as well as structured psychological therapies such as CBT and DBT.

Home Visiting and Telehealth

Our Occupational Therapist may offer a home visit if considered necessary to the assessment and reporting process. Home visits may also be considered where access to the office is not possible or where Telehealth is not available.

Telehealth online video call and telephone calls are used for a range of services. Our Occupational Therapist is skilled in the use of technology to support access to our services.