Dr Yogendra Agrawal

Consultant Psychiatrist

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Led by Dr Yogendra Agrawal, Consultant Psychiatrist,  Axon Health has developed an ADHD Assessment and Treatment Clinic.  The ADHD Clinic runs alongside our regular Psychiatry clinics and other services. 

Our Team has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to ADHD assessment and treatment, in line with international clinical guidelines and best practice. 

For new patients, we allocate one of our clinicians to guide you to through your journey with accessing an assessment and/or treatment.   Our services include diagnostic assessments through to tailored treatment plans, liaison with treating GPs, ongoing treatment with our Psychiatrist, psychological strategies and general counselling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange an appointment?

Please contact us by phone: 03 51609933 or by email at [email protected] to arrange for more information and our new patient form to be sent to you.  You do not need a referral to commence the Intake Assessment process.

Do you provide ADHD assessments for children?

Our clinic provides assessment for those aged 15 years and over through to adults.  We are unable to provide assessments for younger children. 

I've been referred for a Psychiatrist consultation, can I just book with Dr Agrawal?

If you are seeking any diagnostic assessment for possible ADHD or you have been diagnosed and are seeking treatment, we will require you to attend our ADHD Intake Assessment appointment.  We have designed a process to ensure a through multi-dispclinary approach to ADHD assessment and treatment.  Dr Agrawal will require the information collected at the Intake Assessment appointment beofre he can offer a consultation.

How long does it take to arrange an Intake Assessment?

When we have an enquiry, we send out new patient information and a consent forms.  We require these before we can prceed.  Once we have completed the initial admin and registration of a new patient we offer assessment appointments within 3-4 weeks -sometimes sooner.  Dr Agrawal provides extra clinics to keep wait times to a minimum for our ADHD clinic.


What is the cost for an ADHD assessment?

 When new patients register for our ADHD clinic, they are provided with a comprehensive information pack including our fees.  There are Medicare rebates available for consultations with Dr Agrawal (with a vlaid referral) and we allow for payment of the gap fee only.  We also have Afterpay and can arrange a payment plan for the initial appointment.


Is there any Bulk Billing (no cost) services?

We are unable to Bulk Bill our ADHD assessment and treatment services.

If you will experience financial difficulty please discuss this with us. It is possible to enter into a payment plan for the initial appointment and we have Afterpay.

For Psychiatrist apponitments it may be possible to pay the gap fee only and arrange for a doctor’s cheque to be sent by Medicare.

Is there Telehealth available and how does it work?

Our clinicians and DrAgrawal offer Telehealth appointments. We use a secure easy to use video call platform that you can use from home or another private space.

All patients are welcome also to attend our office where we have a private Telehealth Consultation room and we will ensure you can connect to your appointment privately and easily, if your clincian is working remotely.  Where telehealth appointments are not possible we offer face to face services.

If I have already been diagnosed previously and just want treatment, why do I have to see a clinician for another assessment?

We have developed our ADHD Clinic process to ensure the quality of assessment and our subsequent treatment plans.  We have a professional responsibility to ensure a thorough and appropriate assessment precedes any treatment planning.  We have worked hard to develop our clinic process to ensure we can provide individually tailored, appropriate and suppotive care. 

How do I get more information

Please email us at [email protected] or phone 03 51609933 during our business hours.  We will send a new patient intake and consent form with details about our ADHD clinic.  We will be happy to answer any questions without any obligation.