Counselling Services:

Medicare Referred Services – Focused Psychological Strategies (requires eligible referral – GP Mental Health Plan/Private Psychiatrist) Fee Medicare Rebate
Individual Focused Psychological Strategies, counselling-   
55min counselling session in office    
 All sessions are booked for 55 minutes. 
If you are more than 10min late or leave early we are only able to process the lower Medicare rebate ($54.60) due to Medicare rules.     
Telehealth (phone and video call) sessions may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate.   

Full Fee:   
 $160 per session   

Concession (Health Care Card):  
$115 per session     

$77.10 (over 50min)

$54.60 (less than 50min)

Attendance at location other than consulting rooms:    
available only by pre-arrangement –includes travel time.    
 $180 per hour  

 20-50min session                 $76.90    

50+ min session                   $99.40  

Group program fees:    
Adult Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills group:      
3 modules to complete.
Parent/Teen Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group:       

Parent/Carer Module (4 sessions)

Each Carer/Teen Module

$245 (per 7 session module).




$19.80 per session (max 10 rebates)

Late Cancellation/Missed appointment:  Where less than 24 hours notice (excluding weekend days) is given of cancellation or where appointment is missed. $55 Nil

NDIS services (psychological therapies and occupational therapy):  Fee 
(all prices are set from the NDIS price guide as we do not charge above the NDIA scheduled fees)  
Behaviour/Psychological Therapies/Occupational Therapy, -Individual Session (55min):  
Behaviour/Psychological Therapies/Occupational Therapy -skills training (90min)  
Individual tailored support packages are available on request  
Occupational Therapy Assessment 
Occupational Therapy Report (quote regarding hours can be provided prior) 
Travel (to your location) 
Missed session/Late Cancellation:   
We follow the NDIS rules on late cancellation.  2 clear business days notice is required or full fees will be applied.    

$193.99 per session  

Quote will be provided
 $193.99 per hour 
$193.99 per hour 
$193.33 per hour 

Reports and Letters:  By Allied Health Staff Fee

Letter (1 page brief for funding, applications):  
Report for funding (other):  
Report for Court/Legal:  
Generally requests will be declined.  We do not provide any Family Court Reports or letters.                        
Where we are legally required to report we charge $150 per hour.
NDIS – per NDIS price guide, charged at hourly therapy rate 

$100 per letter  
$160 per hour  

Individual quote provided 

Quote can be provided on request

DVA, WorkSafe, TAC, VOCAT No charge to client – charged to organisation

Psychiatry fees:

Service Fee Medicare Rebate
Item 291:
GP referrred for “one off” assessment and management plan to GP. (45min)
Due to Medicare rules:
1 appt is allowed every 12 months and 1 shorter follow up appt is allowed after 6 months
$502.75 $402.75
Item 296: First appointment for new ongoing patient (45min) $350.00  $231.65
Item 304: Follow up appointment for ongoing patient (more than 30min) $235.00  $118.45
Vic Roads report fee:
(will be charged in addition to consultation fee)

Car/Motorbike (private)
$110 (inc. gst)

$265 (inc. gst)

Legal Reports:
Generally declined. Where we agree to a report, a quote will be provided prior to writing.
Quote to be provided Nil
Late Cancellation/Non Attendance:
Will be charged is less than 2 buisness days notice is given of cancellation or where an appointment is booked and not attended
$100 Nil
Items are timed. Dr Agrawal will decide the applicable fees after the appointment based on time and service provided.
A current GP referral is required for all services (not more than 12 months old).
Other item numbers may be applied – please check with our office at the time of appointment.
Accounts are payable at time of service.
There is no bulk billing available. It may be possible to pay the gap fee only if requested.

Important information:


Booking appointments:  

Appointments can be booked anytime online via our website Appointment booking and rescheduling can also be arranged by phoning our admin team on 51 609933 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm).   After hours appointments may be available on request. We encourage booking sessions in advance to ensure preferred appointment times.  All psychiatrist appointments require a current (not more than 12 months old) GP referral or appointments will not proceed.


Cancellation policy:  

We understand the need for flexibility and we will do our best to accommodate appointment changes.  It is appreciated if you can give as much notice as possible, so we can offer appointments to those who are waiting.  Appointments can be rescheduled by phoning our admin team on 51 609933 (Tue-Sat 9.30am-4.00pm).  A voicemail message may be left after hours and will be checked daily (except Sundays and public holidays). 

A late cancellation fee of $55 applies if less than 24 hours notice is given for non-attendance at counselling appointments.  Payment of the fee will be required before further sessions are offered.  Cancellation fees do not apply to Open Arms (VVCS) funded services.  For NDIS services we follow the NDIS guidelines and require 2 business days notice of cancellation or full fees are charged. 

For all Psychiatry appointments, a late cancellation/non-attendance fee of $100 is applied where less than 2 business days notice of non-attendance is given.

We send courtesy sms text and email appointment reminders. Please ensure your correct details are provided to us. Non-attendance fees will not be waived where reminders are not received.  All patients will be responsible for non-attendance fees, these can not be charged to a third-party without their agreement.


Fee policy:  

Any fees are due at the time the service is provided, except where a third party is funding services.  

Clients (or parent/guardian) will remain responsible for all service fees unless a third party has agreed to fund services prior to an appointment.  If a third party declines payment, the client who received the service will remain responsible for fees.  Third-party-funded services will be charged at the full fee rate unless agreed otherwise.  

A late payment fee of $55 may be charged on overdue accounts (accounts not paid after 30 days).  


Medicare rebates:

 Medicare rebates are processed at our office. Rebates cannot be claimed without a valid referral. 

Medicare rebates for Focused Psychological Strategies are offered for limited sessions to eligible clients with a current GP Mental Health Plan, Private Psychiatrist referral or Private Paediatrician referral.  Please consult your doctor if you feel you may be eligible.  A maximum of 20 Medicare rebates per calendar year for individual therapy can be claimed.  10 group session rebates per calendar year can also be claimed.  

 Psychiatry referrals can be made by a GP or Nurse Practitioner (working in a GP clinic).  These expire after 12 months and you will not be able to claim rebates without an current referral.

Reports and Copies of Notes:

We have a policy and application form to request a report or copies of notes. Please discuss with our office. Fees will apply, these are provided in the policy and application form. Generally, we do not provide legal reports.